Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition


Thank you to Bright Horizons Childcare Center in Marshfield for this beautiful image of a comfortable breastfeeding space at a large employer!

8 Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses Toolkit

The 8 Steps to Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses is available in PDF.  The toolkit is not designed to be given out to businesses in its entirety.  There are different elements contained in the toolkit that would be more applicable to some businesses than others.  

Why Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses??

One of the most common times women tend to stop breastfeeding is around the time they return to work.  To help eliminate this, women need support in the workplace. A business can actually profit from supporting their employees during breastfeeding. Infants who are breastfed are sick less often, so mom misses less time at work.  Mom will be more satisfied and thus functioning at her highest capacity! With the new provisions in the Affordable Care Act, businesses are expected to provide breastfeeding support to their employees, including a private place (other than a bathroom) to express milk and sufficient break time to express milk.  The Wood County Breastfeeding Coalition in collaboration with Leadership Marshfield is here to help businesses become more supportive by assisting with policy development, brainstorm ways to make current spaces work for private places to express milk, and find resources to help businesses achieve breastfeeding friendly designation. 

Interested in becoming recognized as breastfeeding friendly?

Wood County Health Department's Recognition Program for Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses

Breastfeeding Friendly Resources

To become familiar with the breastfeeding friendly business program see the following websites:

Breastfeeding Friendly Business Resources

Easy Steps to Support Employees

Break Time for Nursing Mothers

Workplace Law


Other Resources:

Lactation Program Assessment Form  - This form is for employer use and will be used to assess your business' breastfeeding friendly policies

Lactation Support Program Feedback Form  - This form is to be filled out by breastfeeding employees and submitted to the Wood County Health Department


Breastfeeding Friendly Businesses of the Year

The following businesses have received the Breastfeeding Friendly Business of the Year Award:

Mid-State Technical College

Bright Horizons Childcare Center

Faith Fellowship Church

Marshfield Public Library (Lori Belongia)

To nominate a business, please fill out this: Business Nomination Form and submit to woodcobfcoalition@gmail.com